511. Socialist theory was defined in the writings of karl Marx and______________?
A. Emile Durkheim
B. Adam Smith
C. Friedrich Engels
D. the Marx

512.Which sociologist cofounded the famous Chicago settlement house Hull House ?
A. Charles Horton Cooley
B. Jane Addams
C. George Herbert Mead
D. Wright Mills

513. Which of the following was an early Black sociologist active in the struggle for a racially egalitarian society who was critical of theorists who seemed content with the status quo ?
A. Harriet Martineau
B. Herbert Spencer
C. Booker T Washington
D. W,E,B, Du Bois

514. Which one of the following concepts did Max Weber introduce to the field of sociology ?
A. dramaturgy
B. ideal types
C. functionalism
D. macro sociology

515. Which of the following is most closely associated with the concept of the sociological imagination ?
A. Emile Durkheim
B. Max Weber
C. Karl Marx
D. Wright Mills

516. According to durkheim the greater rates of suicide in protestants were due to more emphasis on____________?
A. Social Conesion
B. Individualism
C. Economic problem
D. none of these

517. Class conflict is the basic theory of_______________?
A. Weber
B. Marx
C. Comte
D. All of above

518. Which branch of science according to comte would ultimately include all other sciences_____________?
A. Biology
B. History
C. Sociology
D. Economics

519. Scientific or positive phase is the____________?
A. First phase
B. Second Phase
C. Last Phase
D. None of these

520. Auguste Comte was a_______________?
A. French thinker
B. American
C. British
D. None of these