491. Comte gave the law of_______________?
A. Four phases
B. three phases
C. Two phases
D. All of above

492. Ibne Khaldun in his theories is near to______________?
A. Kurkheim
B. Comte
C. Marx
D. All of above

493. The Muqaddimah is an early Muslim view of______________?
A. society
B. social Change
C. universal History
D. all of above

494. Ibne Khaldun is best known for______________?
A. Muamlla
B. Muqaddimah
C. Muzakira
D. None of these

495. The distribution of power in society is a concern for______________?
A. microsociology
B. interactionism
C. macrosociology
D. ethnomethodology

496. Merton’s term for the hidden or forgotten reason for a particular behavior was______________?
A. middle-range function
B. consumption function
C. latent function
D. structural function

497. It is useful to have a diversity of theories in sociology because_________________?
A. human behavior is so complicated that no single theory would be adequate
B. sociologists can choose the theory that best fits the data they have collected
C. it removes the need to assess a theory according the empirical evidence
D. innumerable theories have been developed in the many fields of sociology

498. Which one of the following is NOT associated with the materialist conception of history ?
A. the mode of production
B. the motor of history
C. the history of class struggle
D. the spirit of capitalism

499. According to Durkheim social facts are________________?
A. ways of behaving that are external to individuals
B. only things that have been shown to be true
C. social insights into collective behavior
D. information captured by official statistics

500. Sociology has been said to be the product of______________?
A. the French and Industrial Revolutions
B. the Chinese and Agricultural Revolutions
C. the Russian and Scientific Revolutions
D. the American and Democratic Revolutions


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