281. Which one of these is NOT a version of the sick role as identified by Friedson ?
A. conditional
B. unconditionally legitimate
C. modified legitimate
D. illegitimate

282. Social occasions in which individuals act out formal roles are called___________?
A. front regions
B. back regions
C. public regions
D. social regions

283. The socially defined expectations that a person in given status follows are called___________________?
A. a position
B. a role
C. a performance
D. an impression

284. In modern societies social status is typically measured by a person_____________?
A. age
B. income
C. verbal fluency
D. occupation

285. Margaret Mead suggested that______________?
A. adolescence and gender roles varied between societies and so were culturally determined
B. gender roles in three New Guinea societies were identical and so must be biologically determined
C. adolescence in the USA is a time of relative calm compared to the experience in Japan and Europe
D. anthropological fieldwork can be problematic because the researcher’s values affect the way they interpret their observations

286. Freuds notion of the ego referred to________________?
A. the unconscious mass of instinctive drives that may be repressed
B. the self as a whole an unstable mix of conscious and unconscious elements
C. the conscious part of the mind that regulates emotional drives on a practical rational level
D. the neurotic part of the mind that longs for belonging and may suffer an inferiority complex

287. Role-learning theory suggests that______________?
A. we internalize and take on social roles from a pre-existing framework
B. we create and negotiate our roles through interaction with others
C. social roles are not fixed or stable but fluid and pluralistic
D. roles have to be learned to suppress unconscious motivations

288. The most all-encompassing type of collective behavior is_____________?
A. public opinion
B. social movements
C. rumors
D. crowds

289. Role ascription by merit has also restricted the social statuses to those who has______________?
A. Mental and physical proficiency
B. inherited and good early environment
C. (a)mainly depending on (b)
D. None of these

290. Princess is an _______ status?
A. Ascribed
B. Achieved
C. both a and b
D. None of these