941. The people of the same class share for the most part ?

A. Same income level
B. Way of life values
C. Both of the values
D. None of these

942. Social stratification is_______________?

A. a system in which people can change their status with relative ease.
B. the ranking or grading of individuals and groups into hierarchical layers
C. based entirely on self-classification
D. none of the above

943. Which field of study was originally developed in the 1930s as an increasing number of social scientists became aware of the plight of the elderly ?

A. geriatrics
B. gerontology
C. gerontocracy
D. silicide

944. Which of the following statements about the status of women around the world is correct _____________?

A. it is estimated that women grow half the world’s food but they rarely own land.
B. Women constitute one-third of the world’s paid labor force but are generally found in the lowest paying jobs
C. Single-parent households headed by women which appear to be on the increase in many nations -are typically found in the poorest section of the population
D. all of the above

945. Which sociological perspective emphasizes that the relationship between females and males has been one of unequal power with men in a dominant position over women ?

A. functionalist perspective
B. conflict perspective
C. interactionist perspective
D. dramaturgical perspective

946. A plumber whose father was a physician is an example of_________________?

A. downward intergenerational mobility
B. upward intergenerational mobility
C. downward intergenerational mobility
D. upward intergenerational mobility

947. __________ refers to the reputation that a specific person has earned within an occupation?

A. prestige
B. esteem
C. status
D. power

948. The intellectual tradition at the heart of conflict theory begins principally with the work of_____________?

A. Max Weber
B. Emile Durkheim
C. Erving Goffman
D. Karl Marx

949. In Karl Marx,s view the destruction of the capitalist system will occur only if the working class first develops______________?

A. bourgeois consciousness
B. false consciousness
C. class consciousness
D. caste consciousness

950. The most extreme form of legalized social inequality for individuals or groups is ________________?

A. slavery
B. open class system
C. closed caste systems
D. caste systems