791. Which of the following are viewed by sociologists as analytically distinct components of stratification ?
A. conformity deviance and social control
B. class status and power
C. class caste and age
D. class prestige and esteem

792. The caste system is generally associated with______________?
A. Hinduism
B. Islam
C. Judaism
D. Buddhism

793. The middle classes that developed over the nineteenth century were_____________?
A. an urban set involved in civic bodies and voluntary associations
B. too diverse to have a strong sense of class consciousness
C. often involved in white collar work
D. all of the above

794. Traditional working-class identity was based around_________________?
A. shared working conditions in the manufacturing industry
B. the class consciousness of members of the proletariat
C. local communities extended kinship networks and shared leisure pursuits
D. collective aspirations to move into the middle class

795. The kuznets hypothesis states that as economic development proceeds inequality ?
A. first decreases then increases before remaining high
B. first increases then decreases before remaining low
C. first increases then flattens out, before rising again
D. first increases then decreases then increases then decreases

796. The process of turning the class concept into something measurable is called___________?
A. operational research
B. modus operandum
C. operationalization
D. operant conditioning

797. The practice of legally enforced marriage within caste is called_____________?
A. endogamy
B. endogeny
C. exegesis
D. exclusion

798. A system of stratification where positions are partly achieved, and mobility is common is one based on ?
A. slavery
B. caste
C. class
D. status

799. Which of these statements does not reflect the conventional position in class analysis ?
A. class inequalities govern gender stratification
B. women’s pay is often essential to the family’s economic position
C. women’s paid work is not as significant as that of men
D. women should be seen as being the same class as their husbands/partners

800. Pierre Bourdieu,s theoretical perspective makes use of the concept of capital Which of the following is not part of his scheme ?
A. political
B. economic capital
C. social capital
D. cultural capital