1091. People in a stadium watching a baseball game and people and people standing in line at the grocery checkout are example of :

A. Aggregates *
B. Groups
C. Categories
D. Cliques

1092. A concept used by Charles horton cooley the emphasizes the self as the product of our social interactions with others is called :

A. Looking-glass self *
B. Ascribed status
C. Looking-Better
D. None of these

1093. A technologically sophisticated society that is preoccupied with consumer good and media images is called :

A. Postmodern society *
B. Postindustrial society
C. Monogamy society
D. None of these

1094. A term used by C, Wright mills for a small group of military ,Industrial and government leaders who control the fate of the united states is called :

A. Postmodern Elite
B. Power Elite *
C. Pyramid Elite
D. None of these

1095. What was George simmel’s contribution to the study of groups ?
A. In the end, he came to the conclusion that smaller groups are more stable than larger ones.
B. He coined the term groupthink
C. He studied the effects of anomie on while, Male protestants
D. He looked at how the size of a group influences the interactions of its members *

1096. What was Solomon Asch’s contribution to the study of groups ?

A. He looked at how group members’ visual acuity can decline.
B. He investigated the extent to which membership in a group influences our behavior *
C. He proposed the idea that dyads were more stable than triads and
D. He outlined the defining characteristics of bureaucracies.

1097. Which of the following is not a common problem faced by bureaucracies?

A. Goal displacement
B. Irrational human beings
C. Inefficient hierarchies
D. Tax rules and regulations *

1098. A small group characterized by intimate ,Face to face association and cooperation is called :

A. Secondary Group
B. Peer Group
C. Primary Group *
D. None of these

1099. The ordinary and commonplace elements of life as distinguished from the sacred is called :

A. Lag
B. Cult
C. Proletariat
D. Profane*

1100. According to C, Wright mills, which of the following would be a member of the power elite?

A. a First-year member of congress
B. A lieutenant colonel in the Navy
C. Bill Gates *
D. The of the PTA