371. The sociological perspective on race_______________?
A. begins with the assumption that race is based on easily classified differences
B. considers race a social construct not an absolute
C. neither nor b
D. both a and b

372. In a society with a (n) ___________ the political and religious institutions often act in harmony and mutually reinforce each other,s powers over their relative spheres of influence ?
A. denomination
B. ecclesia
C. cult
D. sect

373. Which sociological perspective argues that to whatever extent religion actually does influence social behavior it reinforces existing patterns of dominance and inequality ?
A. functionalist perspective
B. conflict perspective
C. interactionist perspective
D. each of the above

374. Which sociological perspective emphasizes the integrative power of religion in human society ?
A. functionalist perspective
B. conflict perspective
C. interactionist perspective
D. each of the above

375. World-affirming religions_______________?
A. embrace conventional cultural values but offer new means of achieving them
B. react against the loss of any meaningful religious content in the teachings of churches
C. adopt an attitude of mild disapproval towards mainstream social values
D. reject both the goals and means of conventional society and provide utopian alternatives

376. A sect is organized around_______________?
A. beliefs that can be challenged by members a charismatic leader and openness to new recruits
B. tolerance towards other religions and the separation of church and state
C. voluntary membership democratic leadership and high levels of emotional commitment
D. the idea of the secular world itself as being sacred

377. Secularization involves the two related ideas of__________________?
A. disappointment and disproportion
B. disbelief and disintegration
C. disengagement and disenchantment
D. distribution and distillation

378. in Durkheim,s work the term collective representations refers to______________?
A. effervescent ceremonies that create a feeling o belonging
B. images of gods or totems that are widely recognized
C. shared ideas and moral values often symbolized by an object or figurehead
D. ideological tools used to obscure class divisions

379. Which of the following does NOT account for the rise in the cost of health care ?
A. Classical rules that govern marketplace exchanges have been applied to the health care industry for decades
B. Labor costs have risen sharply
C. The continual upgrading in the scope and intensity of medical services is costly
D. The concept of “health” has been expanded to include mental and psychological difficulties and “condition” such as infertility

380. Educational self-fulfilling prophecies_______________?
A. exist where children fail to learn because teachers cannot teach.
B. are unlikely to exist when teachers’ assessments of students are grounded by the stereotype’s teachers hold of various classes and racial groups
C. may result in student alienation and failure
D. none of the above