571. Which sociological perspective argues that a common culture serves to maintain the privileges of some groups while keeping others in a subservient position ?
A. functionalist perspective
B. conflict perspective
C. interactionist perspective
D. each of the above

572. Which of the following statements about norms is correct ?
A. People do not follow norms in all situations In some cases they evade
B. In some instances behavior that appears to violate society,s norms the norms of a particular group
C. Norms are violated in some instances because one norm conflicts with another
D. all of the above

573. The identification of a new moon of Saturn was an act of_______________?
A. invention
B. discovery
C. diffusion
D. cultural integration

574. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a post-industrial society ?
A. Increasing numbers of workers are employed in the service sector
B. Many processes in the work place are automated
C. Economic self-sufficiency is displaced by complex divisions of labour exchange relationships and national and international market systems
D. Changes are accompanied by the knowledge explosion based on the creation processing and distribution of knowledge

575. Which of the following is a characteristic of a society ?
A. Members of a society possess a wide variety of values and norms based on their social status
B. A group must have at least 1,500 members to be considered a society
C. Another term for “society” is nation-state
D. Members of a society comprise a more or less self-sufficient social unit

576. Laws are___________________?
A. actions that others can legitimately insist that we perform
B. actions that we can legitimately insist that others perform
C. rules that are enforced by a special political organization composed of individuals who enjoy the right to use force
D. none of the above

577. Amjad must finish writing a report for work that is due the next day His son,s school just called and said the child must be picked up from school because he is sick Amjad,s wife is out of town on business As a result Amjad is experiencing ?
A. role strain
B. role conflict
C. role hypersensitivity
D. role reversal

578. Cross-cultural research on infant care has found the following______________?
A. All cultures agree on the importance of exclusive mother-infant interaction to encourage bonding in the first 15 to months of life.
B. Methods of caring for babies are linked to other elements of a society’s culture
C. No culture supports waking a sleeping infant
D. Pediatricians are trained to teach parents the one universally accepted set of best practices for raising an infant

579. Values_______________?
A. provide explicit indications of which behaviors are acceptable and which are not.
B. are narrow ideas about what is desirable correct and good
C. are defined by symbols
D. are general and abstract and do not explicitly specify which behaviors are acceptable and which are not

580. A group of people who live within the same territory and share a common culture is called______________?
A. a culture
B. an iconoclastic enclave
C. a society
D. none of the above