811. Identify the latest Arab country who normalized diplomatic relations with Israel on September, 12, 2020 ?
B. Oman
C. Bahrain
D. Sudan

812. US President Donald trump announced which city as first World War II Heritage City ?
A. Wilmington
B. Boone
C. Raleigh
D. None of the above

813. Which country will host the 36th regional conference for Asia and the Pacific (APRC) of the United Nations food & agriculture organization (FAO) in 2022?
A. Singapore
B. New Zealand
C. Bangladesh
D. Japan

814. Name the mother of Hazrat Yousaf (عليه السلام)?
A. Sara
B. Raheel
C. Nafeesa
D. Zainab

815. How many Sunnah’s are in four obligations of Ablution?
A. 10
B. 13
C. 18
D. 15

816. The Arvand Rud or Shatt al-Arab is the River that borders Two countries, which are__________?
A. Syria & Lebanon
B. Jordan & Kuwait
C. Iran & Iraq
D. Qatar & Yemen

817. Surah al-Dukhan means___________?
A. Rain
B. Water
C. Cloud
D. Smoke

818. Brain also known as the first computer virus for MS-DOS was written by two brothers belonging to which among the following countries?
A. Malaysia
B. India
C. Pakistan
D. Iran

819. Which of the following Key is not found in normal computers / laptops?
A. Turn key
B. Alt key
C. del key
D. shift key

820. When Liaqat Ali Khan became the secretary of All India Muslim League?
A. 1936
B. 1937
C. 1933
D. 1938


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