591. Which of the following statements about values is correct ?
A. Values never change
B. Values of a culture may change but most remain relatively stable during any one person’s lifetime
C. Values are constantly changing sociologists view them as being very unstable
D. All of the above statements are correct

592. In the United States often formalize norms into_______________?
A. folkways
B. mores
C. values
D. laws

593. Subcultures which oppose the dominant culture are_______________?
A. New Cultures
B. cultural relativism
C. Countercultures
D. None of these

594. A preference for foreign culture and products is called________________?
A. Xenocentrism
B. Ethnocentrism
C. Cultural Adjustment
D. None of these

595. Punjabi and Sindhi cultures are_________________?
A. Subcultures
B. Counter Cultures
C. Relative Cultures
D. None of these

596. A series of complexes centering upon an important activity is___________________?
A. Institution
B. Trait
C. Religion
D. None of these

597. The smallest unit of a culture is_____________?
A. Complex
B. Laws
C. Trait
D. None of these

598. The customary normal and habitual ways a group does things are called_____________?
A. Norms
B. Folkways
C. Customs
D. None of these

599. Great civilizations of world developed in________________?
A. Mountainous Areas
B. Great deserts
C. Lowlands of great river basins
D. None of these

600. Spengler and Toynbee deny_____________?
A. existence of upward progress
B. cyclic
C. cultural growth from simple to complex
D. None of these