1351. Homo spiens means :

A. An early hominid that was erected.
B. The species of modern humans that first appeared in the middle pleistocene
C. Mental image that embodies common elements
D. Common man *

1352. Gesellschaft is used by :

A. P.A Sprokin
B. Emile Dukheim *
C. Ferdinand Tonnies
D. Max weber

1353. Folkways means :

A. Centring on beliefs and practices
B. Behavior that departs unvarying degree of conduct
C. Ordinary modes of behavior governed by norms *
D. A criterion for role performance

1354. Universalism is :

A. The covariance of measure of two variables *
B. The criterion for role performance leading us to behave in accordance with certain standards
C. Confronting evidence to test the nature of reality
D. The quality of being divinely favoured with extraordinary capacities

1355. Caste system is :

A. A tendency to feel and act in a certain way
B. A stratified social system in which social position is entirely determined by parentage, with no provision for change of position *
C. Mutual cultural traits
D. A gathering of people

1356. Mores means :

A. Strong idea of right and wrong which requires certain actions and forbid others *
B. An inborn behavior
C. Anew culture traits
D. Intended effect of an institution

1357. The term ” Anomie suicide ” is used by :

A. Max weber
B. August Comte
C. Emile Durkheim *
D. Herbert spencer

1358. Crowd means :

A. Aspect of personality that confess identity
B. A social category of people
C. A group of people who performs certain duties
D. A temporary collection of persons react in spontaneous interaction *

1359. Invention means :

A. Process of utilizing knowledge
B .Some Unknown facts
C. A new utilizing of existing knowledge *
D. Ways of classifying things

1360. Participant observation means :

A. Unity of a human group
B. Integration and interaction
C. An observer seeks insight by taking part himself in what ever he is studying *
D. A set of action