381. Which equation can be used to represent amalgamation ?
A. A+B+C=A
B. A+B+C=A+B+C
C. A+B+C=D
D. A+B+C=A+B+D

382. A child who is repeatedly criticized as being lazy and lacking intelligence eventually accepts these criticisms and uses them to justify poor performance in school This is an example of___________?
A. the contact hypothesis
B. a self-fulfilling prophecy
C. scapegoating
D. reverse discrimination

383. Theories of racialized discourse suggest that________________?
A. race is an objective way of categorizing people on biological grounds
B. the idea of race is socially constructed through powerful ideologies
C. race relations in Britain and America can be traced back to colonial times
D. people choose their racial identity, and this becomes fixed

384. Scientific theories in the nineteenth century tried to explain race in naturalistic terms Which of the following ideas was not considered ?
A. genetics
B. evolution
C. height
D. brain size

385. Which of the following is TRUE of interactionists ?
A. Interactionist believe that groups will experience conflict only if they are of two distinct ethnic groups
B. Interactionists downplay the role of communication in ethnicity
C. Interactionists believe the world we experience is socially constructed
D. all of the above

386. Marxist-oriented theorists_____________?
A. have found that American race and ethnic relations have little connection to global issues
B. contend that racism serves the economic interests of the capitalist class
C. argue that prejudice discrimination and racism operate outside of social structures
D. conclude that racist notions serve the economic interests of people of color world-wide

387. The coexistence of diverse groups is called_______________?
A. gatekeeping
B. pluralism
C. assimilation
D. continued subjugation

388. Which of the following is true regarding discrimination ?
A. In order for a person to discriminate he or she must hold prejudicial attitudes
B. Discrimination is an action
C. Discrimination is not a form of racism
D. none of the above

389. Prejudice_______________?
A. refers to hostile behaviors exhibited by someone who has been offended by a member of a group
B. is an attitude of aversion and hostility toward the members of a group simply because they belong it
C. cannot not exist in someone who does not discriminate
D. is a feeling a minority individual has toward his or her own minority?

390. Which of the following is NOT one of the properties of a minority group ?
A. racial or cultural self-consciousness
B. hereditary membership
C. a high degree of marriage outside of the group (exogamy)
D. oppression at the hands of a dominant group