521. Asabiyah is an Arabic concept modernly referring to_______________?
A. Culture
B. Nationalism
C. Social groups
D. All of above

522. Ibne Khaldun conceived a theory of______________?
A. Social conflict
B. Social change
C. Solidarity
D. All of the above

523. Ibne Khaldun was born in______________?
A. North America
B. North Asia
C. North Africa
D. None of these

524. When a person uses more than one substance to maintain his dependence is called_____________?
A. mono abuse
B. poly drug abuse
C. multi use
D. None of these

525. According to Readers Digest Dictionary the one which causes euphoria in the taker and pre-disposes hint to addiction is______________?
A. medicine
B. Drug
C. Cure
D. None of these

526. Mostly the drugs are used for a number of causes a few_________________?
A. Peace of mind
B. Unemployment
C. Fun-Pleasure
D. All of the above

527. Heroine was discovered in 1878 but its use was limited till_____________?
A. 1880
B. 1898
C. 1898
D. None of these

528. Drug is a very wide term and can be used for both medicinal and__________________?
A. Surgical
B. non-medicinal
C. treatment
D. None of these

529. Which of the following sociologists never wrote a book and about whose thoughts most of our knowledge is presented in an edited volume of his lectures published by his students after his death ?
A. George Herbert Mead
B. Kari Marx
C. Em-ile Durkheim
D. Max Weber

530. Erving Goffman made a distinctive contribution to sociology by popularizing a particular type of interactionist method known as_________________?
A. macrosociology
B. the dramaturgical approach
C. Verstehen
D. I,m O.K, you,re O.k


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