961. Martha and Susan work at the local factory ten hours a day five days a week They make the minimum wage with no overtime pay insurance or benefits One day they discuss their situations over lunch and express frustration over the fact that they never seem to make enough money to “get ahead “By the end of the conversation they have motivated each other to volunteer to work on Sundays They figure that if they work just a little harder they will make enough money to increase their social status Marx would say these women are demonstrating ?

A. the dedication necessary to get ahead in life
B. class consciousness
C. capitalist enthusiasm
D. false consciousness

962. According to functionalist’s society must be concerned with motivation because the duties associated with various statuses ?

A. are not equally pleasant
B. are equally important
C. offer individuals varying degrees of personal growth
D. are usually not defined

963. Carolyn supported her family by working as an administrative assistant She also attended law school and passed the bar she took a job with a small firm specializing in family law Carolyn experienced______________?

A. horizontal mobility
B. transgenerational mobility
C. vertical mobility
D. geographic mobility

964. Critics of the culture of poverty thesis point out that________________?

A. the poor simply do not want the same things that other members of society want
B. the poor have had their access to achievement blocked by the social order
C. the theory is too cultural and fails to take into account psychological implications
D. not enough research has been done to come to any meaningful conclusion

965. Life chances are________________?

A. the magnitude and manner of consumption of goods and services.
B. the likelihood that individuals and groups will enjoy desired goods and services experiences and opportunities for living long and healthy lives
C. the respect admiration and recognition associated with a social status
D. the view that the poor possess self- perpetuating lifeways

966. Which method of identifying social classes views social class as a statistical category formed by sociologists or statisticians or statisticians on the basis of income occupation education or some combination of these ?

A. the combined approach
B. the reputational method
C. the self-placement method
D. the objective method

967. Economic standing includes______________?

A. wealth that which people own (have)
B. job security
C. both a and b
D. none of the above

968. A system in which people have great difficulty changing their status is called a(n) ______________?

A. objectified system
B. social differentiation
C. open system
D. closed system

969. Stratified sample falls under______________?

A. probability sampling design
B. non-probability sampling design
C. multi-stage sample design
D. None of these

970. What is the idea that racism pervades all of society’s structures in a systematic way called ?

A. new racism
B. cultural racism
C. ethnocentrism
D. institutional racism