751. Marx swa capitalism leading to____________?
A. Increasingly happy individuals
B. Increasingly unhappy individuals
C. Equality in society
D. None of these

752. Proletariat refers to____________?
A. the capitalist
B. the working class
C. the middle man
D. None of these

753. According to Weber the driving force of society was_____________?
A. rationality
B. Cultural pursuits
C. Increased development
D. None of these

754. Division of labor is a characteristic of_______________?
A. Horticulture
B. Agriculture
C. Industrialization
D. None of these

755. Agriculture and horticulture was developed in______________?
A. Fertile crescent Region of Middle East
B. East Asia
C. Central and South America
D. Southeast Asia

756. Main types of agriculture are_______________?
A. Industrial agriculture
B. Subsistence agriculture
C. both a and b
D. None of the above

757. Subsistence Agriculture fulfils the needs of_________________?
A. Agriculturist and his/her family
B. The population on village level
C. The larger part of population
D. None of these

758. The Maasai of Kenya is an example of_______________?
A. Hunter gatherer society
B. Pastoralist society
C. Agrarian society
D. None of these

759. Hunter Gatherer way of life is based on________________?
A. a settled system of life
B. a mobile system
C. large populations
D. exploitation of wild animals and plants

760. In Merton’s terms, a person who has abandoned the goal of material success and become compulsively committed to the institutional means is a (an)_____________?
A. ritualist
B. retreatism
C. rebel
D. innovator