1051. A social position ” assigned” to a person by society without regard for the person’s unique talents or characteristics is called :

A. Achieved status
B. Previous status *
C. Ascribed status
D. None of these

1052. The process by which a person forsakes his or her own cultural tradition to become part of a different culture is called :

A. Argot
B. Assimilation *
C. Bilingusalism
D. None of these

1053. Auguste comte proposed a shift from social philosophy to :

A. Physics
B. Economics
C. Social Science *
D. Commerce

1054. Emilie Durkheim was born in :

A. 1818
B. 1868
C. 1858 *
D. 1900

1055. The core of science is based upon :

A. Empirical facts *
B. Investigation
C. Methods
D. Rules

1056. Continuing dependence of former colonies on foreign countries is called :

A. Multilinear evolutionary
B .Negotiated order
C. Multinational corporations
D. Neocolonialism *

1057. Max weber belongs to which country :

B. Italy
C. German *
D. Spain

1058. Rules of sociological method was written by :

A. Webber
B. Comte
C. Durkheim *
D. Merton

1059. ________ is the essence of scientific method :

A. Prediction
B. Facts
C. Logical sequence *
D. Reason

1060. The use of two or more language in particular setting, such as workplaces or educational facilities ,treating each language as equally legitimate is called :

A. Bilingualism *
B. Assimilation
C. Argot
D. None of these