691. What is the approach to ethnic integration which requires immigrants to adopt the culture and values of the majority called ?
A. assimilation
B. melting pot
C. cultural pluralism
D. multiculturalism

692. Agriculture accounts for 25% value added and _________% of work force?
A. 40%
B. 30%
C. 20%
D. None of these

693. Pakistan ranks ________ out of 173 in the UNDP, s Human Development index ?
A. 120th
B. 138th
C. 110th
D. None of these

694. Which one of the following is a pull factor in emigration ?
A. political oppression
B. employment opportunities
C. food shortages
D. population pressures

695. To what does the term the new migration refer ?
A. movement from Britain to commonwealth countries
B. movement from former colonies to European countries
C. movement from European countries to Africa
D. movement between European countries

696. What is the systematic elimination of one ethnic group at the hands of another called ______________?
A. ethnic cleansing
B. institutional racism
C. genocide
D. scapegoating

697. The Great Migration of 1916-1919 meant that Chicago became an ethnically diverse city The consequence of this was_____________?
A. assimilation all racial boundaries were dissolved by the ethnic melting pot
B. multiculturalism all ethnic identities were celebrated equally
C. most ethnic groups were integrated into mainstream society, but the black population remained in the city’s ghettos
D. racism the white host population were hostile and prejudiced towards migrants

698. The largest single economic fact of Pakistan is______________?
A. Industry
B. Agriculture
C. manufacturing
D. None of these

699. Due to urbanization Pakistanis urban population increased from six million in 1951 to_____________?
A. 40 million today
B. 57 million
C. 60 million
D. None of these

700. Pakistanis net primary enrolment is significantly below than its neighbors specially ?
A. Bangladesh
B. India
C. Sri Lanka
D. None of these