1221. The number of deaths of infants under one year of age per 1,000 live births in a given year is called :

A. Male mortality rate
B. Woman mortality rate
C. Infant mortality rate*
D. Sacrifice to become immortal

1223. One of the following was an approved practice of the society for killing an individual?

A. Sati system *
B. Suicide a frustration in love
C. Suicide as failure in the examination
D. Suicide as a result of not having a better career or life

1224. One of the important causes of death in society is :

A. Situational suicide only
B. Non-Situational suicide
C. Individualistic suicide only
D. Both situational and individualistic suicide *

1225. In primitive societies oracles were consulted to treat a person :

A. On prolonged illness
B. Of a disease attributed to witchcraft *
C. Suffering from minor ailments
D. Undergoing pains

1226. _______ is a strict translation of the Holy book with respect to the production of man and the universe used to contend that development ought not be introduced as laid out logical truth :

A. Counterculture
B. Relativism
C. Creationism *
D. None of these

1227. Due to the stereotyping , this term has been abandoned by sociologists in favor of new religious movements is called :

A. Counterculture
B. Triad
C. Cult *
D. None of these

1228. In humans society the practice of religio-medical has :

A. Completely come to an end
B. Exists on one from or the other *
C. Been socially condemned
D. Been socially elevated

1229. When harmful affects of folkways are socially pointed out the people :

A. Strongly defend it
B. Immediately abandon it
C. Show an attitude of indifference
D. Gradually drop those *

1230. Which one of the following is not an important cause of migration of the people of one society to other ?

A. Cost to travel to the new country
B. Attitude of the people in the home country *
C. Attitude of the people in the receiving country
D. Form of government in the home country