321. Weber said that the spirit of capitalism could be traced back to_________________?
A. the movement towards religious pluralism
B. inspirational Protestant groups who revived religious ideas
C. new religious movements who rejected traditional forms of labor
D. Calvinists who engaged in ascetic practices to gain signs of salvation

322. Symbolic interactionists ?
A. view “sickness” as a condition to which we attach socially devised meanings
B. are not interested in how the medical profession defines certain conditions as diseases
C. refer to the rising geriatric prisoner population in need of medical treatment as the “medicalization of deviance
D. none of the above

323. The interaction between physician and patient ?
A. is rooted in a tradition of equality
B. is based on the physician ability to reduce the “competence gap” between the physician and patient
C. may be evolving into a new type of relationship based on consumerism
D. is governed by the patient who manages the direction of the discussion

324. The statement that “the social relations of work find expression in the social relation of school” reflects ?
A. the correspondence principle
B. credentialism
C. the hidden curriculum
D. structural dyspepsia

325. Research indicates that effective schools______________?
A. foster the expectation that order will prevail in the classroom
B. leave discipline up to the individual teacher
C. emphasize the “whole student” over academic concerns
D. foster an atmosphere in which students are carefully monitored to ensure that they meet their obligations

326. Karl Marx saw religion as________________?
A. a vehicle by which we reveal to one another that we share a common mental state
B. a vehicle through which we create a shared consciousness that contributes to social bonding
C. creating a pool of individuals with the attitudes and values necessary to function as entrepreneurs
D. producing another-worldly focus that diverts the oppressed from seeking social change in this world

327. Of the two types of religious organizations that have a negative relationship with society which one accepts pluralistic legitimacy ?
A. a cult
B. a sect
C. a church
D. a denomination

328. The term ______ refers to the socially shared and organized ways of thinking feeling and acting that concern ultimate meanings about the existence of the supernatural or “beyond” ?
A. animism
B. religion
C. socialization
D. totemism

329. The correspondence principle (Bowles & Gintis) suggests that_______________?
A. schools prepare children for work by teaching them to be obedient
B. teachers and parents tend to have similar attitudes to learning
C. children who write lots of letters develop a better grasp of language
D. boys and girls educational achievements have recently become similar

330. Bernstein though that using restricted codes of language disadvantaged pupils at school because_____________?
A. this pattern of speech made them the target of bullying
B. they referred to explicit context independent meanings
C. they prevented children from communicating outside of their peer groups
D. they involved short simple sentences with a small vocabulary