301. The emphasis on the relationship between religion and which ONE of the following is distinctive to Weber’s study of religion ?
A. social inequality
B. social change
C. social solidarity
D. social conflict

302. Of which of the following according to Marx does religion provide an example ?
A. alienation
B. anomie
C. authority
D. animism

303. What is religious fundamentalism ?
A. strict or literal adherence to basic religious principles and beliefs
B. acceptance and use of violent means to transform secular societies
C. commitment to the fundamental beliefs of charismatic leaders
D. religious beliefs associated with new age sects

304. Which of the following is with 20 million adherents the largest non-Christian faith in Europe ?
A. Judaism
B. Buddhism
C. Islam
D. Hinduism

305. Which is the oldest of the world religions being at least 6,000 years old ?
A. Islam
B. Confucianism
C. Buddhism
D. Hinduism

306. What concept does Durkheim use to explain how religious ceremonies generate social solidarity ?
A. collective consciousness
B. collective interaction
C. collective effervescence
D. class consciousness

307. Durkheim,s famous definition of religion includes three main elements Which of these is not one of the three ?
A. religion is a form of culture
B. religion involves belief in God
C. religion provides a sense of purpose
D. religion involves beliefs and ritual practices

308. In pre-Communist China the aged were______________?
A. Authority figures
B. Retired in isolation
C. Honored but restrained
D. None of these

309. Meads work is an example of_______________?
A. functionalism
B. symbolic interactionism
C. psychoanalysis
D. cognitive theory

310. A person’s overall position in society is called______________?
A. achieved status
B. ascribed status
C. master status
D. status set