951. Goldthorpe identified the Service class as______________?

A. those in non-manual occupations exercising authority on behalf of the state
B. people working in consultancy firms who were recruited by big businesses
C. the young men and women employed in domestic service in the nineteenth century
D. those who had worked in the armed services

952. In modern societies social status is typically measured by a person_______________?

A. age
B. income
C. verbal fluency
D. occupation

953. The idea that classes vary according to their possession of cultural capital is associated with________________?

A. Max Weber
B. John Goldthorpe
C. Karl Marx
D. Pierre Bourdieu

954. According to Wright some class locations are contradictory because _______________?

A. their holders do not believe in the notion of class
B. they share features of the positions above and below them
C. there is disagreement about how to interpret them
D. they are impossible for sociologists to measure and classify

955. Which of the following is NOT a feature of all socially stratified systems ?

A. people share characteristics without necessarily identifying with each other
B. people’s life-chances and experiences depend heavily on their social ranking
C. the ranks of different social categories tend to change very slowly over time
D. stratification occurs because of inequalities in assets or property

956. Which of these research projects would count as intersectional? A comparative study of employment based on______________?

A. social class and gender
B. gender and ethnicity
C. ethnicity and sexuality
D. all of them

957. What term is used to describe the movement of individuals up or down the social scale during the course of their working lives ?

A. open mobility
B. lateral mobility
C. intragenerational mobility
D. intergenerational mobility

958. What term is used to describe the way that the varied aspects of an individual’s identity-such as class ethnicity gender disability and location -interact to produce complex patterns of inequality poverty and discrimination ?

A. intersectionality
B. ascription
C. mobility
D. meritocracy

959. A social class is a group of people who stand in a common relationship to the means of production Whose perspective does this definition describe ?

A. Max Weber
B. Erik Olin-Wright
C. John Goldthorpe
D. Karl Marx

960. A social system in which social position is fixed for a lifetime What type of social stratification does this describe ?

A. slavery
B. Social class
C. caste
D. estates