421. Which of these ethnic groups has the greatest proportion of its members in the bottom income quintile ?
A. Whites
B. Indians
C. Black Caribbean
D. Pakistan /Bangladeshis

422. Critics of the concept of relative poverty argue that_______________?
A. it concentrates too much on kinship ties
B. the government should be raising benefit levels
C. in modern affluent societies no one is truly poor
D. it is wrong to make comparisons between countries

423. The term assets refers to_______________?
A. the culturally valued commodities and standards of living that make the poor feel relatively deprived
B. the flow of money a person receives from their salary or wage
C. a stock of economic resources including land shares and bank deposits
D. the slices of the population who own differing amounts of wealth

424. Murray though that the underclass consisted of people who______________?
A. formed an inferior race with low levels of intelligence
B. lived morally unsound lives of crime and squalor
C. were too reliant upon welfare benefits
D. all of the above

425. In 50s and 60s the national affairs of the country were controlled by_____________?
A. Industrialist
B. Feudal
C. Intelligentsia
D. None of these

426. In developed countries the official definition of poverty used for statistical purposes is based on_____________?
A. Absolute poverty
B. Relative poverty
C. both a and b
D. None of these

427. The World Bank defines extreme poverty as living on less than_______________?
A. 1 dollar per day
B. 2 dollars per day
C. 3 dollar per day
D. None of these

428. Absolute poverty refers to a set standard which is consistent over time and______________?
A. in a county
B. between countries
C. for a decade
D. None of these

429. Which one of the following is a pull factor in emigration ?
A. political oppression
B. employment opportunities
C. food shortages
D. population pressures

430. What is the systematic elimination of one ethnic group at the hands of another called ?
A. ethnic cleansing
B. institutional racism
C. genocide
D. scapegoating