311. In studying inequalities in education which skills did Bernstein concentrate upon ?
A. reading
B. numeracy
C. emotion
D. speech

312. Which group of learners does the university of the third age serve ?
A. teenagers
B. travelles
C. workers
D. pensioners

313. Which of the following is not likely to explain differences in exclusion rates from school between pupils from different social class and ethnic backgrounds ?
A. anomie
B. privatization
C. institutional racism
D. ethnocentrism

314. Education is undergoing a transformation in which the boundary between schooling and the outside world is breaking down allowing for workplace education beyond the confines of the classroom and at many different times How is this broad change usually described ?
A. lifelong learning
B. extended education
C. e-learning
D. de-schooling

315. According to Bourdieu cultural capital exists in three forms Which one of the following is not one of the three ?
A. an objectified state
B. an institutionalized form
C. a symbolic form
D. an embodied state

316. What is education ?
A. the process of delivering relevant skills and knowledge
B. a knowledge and understanding of society’s high culture
C. a social institution promoting the acquisition of skills and knowledge
D. the skills and knowledge required for employment in a relevant field

317. Which of these bests describes Islamic revivalism in the contemporary world ?
A. traditional practices and modes of life have been revived but combined with concerns that relate specifically to modern times
B. a growing belief in literal interpretations of sacred texts
C. a uniquely political phenomenon associated with introducing Islamic principles into laws and government
D. traditional practices and modes of life have been revived without any reference to recent historical events involving external non-Islam countries

318. Which term describes the process whereby religion loses its influence over various spheres of social life ?
A. secularization
B. evangelicalism
C. fundamentalism
D. alienation

319. Charismatic leaders build a following based upon which of the following ?
A. traditional authority
B. rational argument
C. personal qualities
D. collective wealth

320. Which is the most recently established of the greatest world religions ?
A. Judaism
B. Islam
C. Hinduism
D. Christianity