741. The case of the former Soviet Union supports Kerr et al,s (1960) claims that___________?
A. totalitarian regimes are incompatible with the requirements of advanced industrial technology
B. democratic governments serve the interests of a ruling elite
C. advanced industrial technology strengthens the power of totalitarian regimes
D. communist societies disperse power between various political parties

742. The item alien to the concept of mass is______________?
A. vastness
B. anonymity
C. responsibility
D. None of these

743. The pragmatist philosophy used in Symbolic interactionist Theory teaches that_______________?
A. theory must be augmented by straightforward plausible methods
B. we can find true objective knowledge of the world through our senses
C. knowledge is produced in everyday practical situations
D. the best social theory was developed in Prague

744. Communism is a form of government in which _____________?
A. Means of production are owned by the community
B. by the capitalist
C. by the representatives of proletariat
D. None of these

745. Which term was used by Talcott Parsons in asserting that society tends toward a state of stability or balance ?
A. charisma
B. magnetism
C. equilibrium
D. status quo

746. In pre-industrial societies solidarity was maintained due to____________?
A. Religion
B. Sense of Community
C. both a & b
D. None of these

747. Suicide rate was higher in Protestants because they had higher emphasis on______________?
A. Individualism
B. solidarity
C. Harmony
D. None of these

748. One of the root causes of suicide, according to Durkheim was______________?
A. Decrease in social solidarity
B. Increased development
C. Industrialization
D. None of these

749. Suicide is the work of_____________?
A. Max Weber
B. Karl Marx
C. Emile Durkheim
D. None of these

750. The main cause of unhappiness in the working class according to Marx is______________?
A. Alienation from the results of production
B. low wages
C. Job insecurity
D. None of these


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