981. When sociologists study the structure of layers in society and people’s movement between them they call this____________?

A. social stratification
B. social control
C. social conflict
D. social solidarity

982. Social relations are directly proportional to_____________?

A. social Class
B. Social status
C. Caste system
D. None of these

983. Which of the following argued that a capitalist society has a dominant ideology that serves the interests of the ruling class ? 

A. Max Weber
B. Talcott Parsons
C. Karl Marx
D. Margaret Mead

984. socialization in children takes place___________?

A. In the same class
B. among the children of different classes
C. between lower and middle classes
D. both a and c

985. The determinants of social class are______________?

A. Birth
B. Money
C. Education and occupation
D. All of above

986. A stratum of people of similar positions in the social status continuum are termed as_____________?

A. Social class
B. clan or tribe
C. Community
D. None of these

987. The word stratification derives from the geological concept “Strata “meaning ?

A. class
B. groups
C. Rock layers
D. None of these

988. Resistance to certain aspects of development and social change in an effort to neutralize their efforts is called________________?

A. countermovement
B. social amelioration
C. counter modernization
D. countenance
E. post modernization

989. Principles such as efficiency calculability and predictability are all part of what Ritzer called____________?

A. McDonaldization
B. post-modernization
C. the service industry
D. the culture of commerce
E. post-industrialization

990. Which of the following was not identified as a major theoretical perspective on social change ?

A. Functional theory
B. interactionist theory
C. Conflict theory
D. Cyclical theory
E. Evolutionary theory