1291. The belief that the products, styles , or ideas of one’s society are inferior to those that originates elsewhere is called :

A. Megachurches
B. Maltriachy
C. Xenocentrism *
D. None of these

1292. Shared expectations are :

A. Norms *
B. Sanctions
C. Folkways
D. None of these

1293. ” At least two than two people : the definition of in a state of interaction is:

A. Social group *
B. Class
C. Society
D. None of these

1294. Man-made part of the environment as defined by Herskovits is :

A. Culture *
B. Role
C. Society
D. None of these

1295. Status in action is :

A. Role *
B. System
C. Class
D. None of these

1296. Legitimate power conferred by custom and accepted practice is called :

A. Vertical mobility
B. Trained incapacity
C. Traditional authority *
D. None of these

1297. Distinctive patterns of social behavior evident among city residents is called :

A. Urbanism *
B. Vertically mobility
C. Verstehen
D. None of these

1298. The status which is assigned to an individual at its birth is called :

A. Ascribed status *
B. Acquired status
C. Gifted status
D. None of these

1299. The totality of impression that one makes upon the other is called :

A. Personality *
B. Society
C. Traits
D. None of these

1300. A theory of social change that holds that society is moving in a definite direction is called :

A. Conflict theory
B. Evolutionary theory *
C. Classical theory
D. None of these