1331. Diffusion is a stage of :

A. Confusion
B. Integration
C. Losing identity *
D. Mental disturbance

1332. A severe stigma can be a person’s:

A. Status set
B. Stereotype
C. Master status *
D. Halo effect

1333. A social position attained by a person largely through his or her own efforts is known as :

A. Ascribed status
B. Achieved status *
C. Control status
D. Master status

1334. A social position “assigned ” to a person by society without regard for the person’s unique talents or characteristics :

A. Closed status
B. Control group
C. Ascribed status *
D. Achieved status

1335. An interactionist perspective that states that interracial contact between people of equal status in cooperative circumstances will reduce prejudice :

A. Control theory
B. Charismatic authority
C. Contact hypothesis *
D. Incest taboo

1336. Status means :

A. Abstract concerpt of unity
B. The give and take between two persons
C. The development of relationships
D. A position where a person stands in the group structure *

1337. Status may be :

A. Ascribed
B. Achieved
C. Both Ascribed and achieve *
D. None of these

1338. An achieve status is :

A. Shared by caste-minded people
B. Inherited from parents
C. Derived from abilities and skills *
D. Dependent upon bilological condition

1339. A term used by Max Weber to refer to people who have the same prestige or lifestyle independent of their class position is called :

A. Social change
B. Status group *
C. Vertical mobility
D. None of them

1340. Status by birth prevailed in societies of the :

A. Primitive age
B. Paleotlithic age
C. Feudal and early medieval age *
D. None of these