1151. Demography is a scientific study of human population with respect to :

A. Size of population
B. Structure of population
C. Composition of population
D. Size,Structure and composition of population *

1152. Dispersion and variation can be examined through calculating :

A. Mean
B. Standard deviation
C. Correlation co-efficient *
D. Regression Co-efficient

1153. Jean Piaget’s theory explaining how children’s through progresses through four stages is called :

A. Classical theory
B. Control theory
C. Concentric-zone theory
D. Cognitive theory of development *

1154. The practice of living together as a male female couple without marrying is called :

A. Cohabitation *
B. Counterculture
C. Coalition
D. None of these

1155. How many people in pakistan are living below poverty line ?

A. 10 Percent
B. 20 Percent
C. 32 Percent *
D. 58 Percent

1156. Norms and values are components of :

A. Society *
B. Religion
C. Culture
D. Organization

1157. Commonly used measure of variability whose size indicates the dispersion of a distribution is :

A. Standard deviation *
B. Co-efficient of variation
C. Standard Score
D. Variance

1158. A formal ,Impersonal group in which there is little social intimacy or mutual understanding is called :

A. Peer group
B. Primary group
C. Secondary group *
D. None of these

1159. A term used by George herbert mead to refer to those individuals who are most important in the development of the self such as parents, friends, and teachers is called :

A. Significant others *
B. Social control
C. Social Change
D. Social action

1160. In sample selection a threat that occurs when individuals have been assigned to the experimental group on the basis of their extreme score on dependent variable is referred as :

A. Experimental mortality *
B. Regression artefact
C. Maturation
D. None of these