631. Which one of these is NOT one of the newly industrializing countries ?
A. Brazil
B. South Korea
C. Taiwan
D. Hungary

632. Which of these classification terms when in use would never have been used to describe for example Ghana in Africa ?
A. developing
B. global South
C. majority world
D. second World

633. Which of the following is NOT an example of a pre-modern social form ?
A. agrarian society
B. ancient society
C. industrial society
D. pastoral society

634. The thesis of globalization is associated with which theorist ?
A. Ulrich Beck
B. Kenichi Ohmae
C. Roland Robertson
D. Judith Butler

635. Which of the following is not part of the argument made against globalization by sceptics ?
A. regionalization is occurring not globalization
B. economic globalization is occurring not political globalization
C. trading blocs are effective not a global economy
D. national governments are most significant not international institutions

636. Wallerstein’s world-systems theory is inspired by______________?
A. Marxism
B. interaction ism
C. Functionalism
D. Post structuralism

637. How do sociologists describe former Third World societies that have moved towards an economic base in industrial production ?
A. developing countries
B. peripheral countries
C. globalizing countries
D. newly industrializing countries

638. How has the global human population grown between the Industrial Revolution of around 1750 and 2013 ?
A. 771 million to 7.1 billion
B. 1.65 billion to 7.1 billion
C. 771 million to 8.2 billion
D. 1.65 million to 8.2 billion

639. According to Castles and Miller which ONE of these is NOT a developing tendency in migration ?
A. deceleration
B. diversification
C. globalization
D. feminization

640. Women of which ethnic group are least likely to have a white partner ?
A. India
B. Pakistan
C. Bangladeshi
D. Chinese