1361. Role performance indicates :

A. Irregular behaviour
B. Overt action that occurs in a situation governed by normative regulation *
C. Awareness of common characteristics
D. Interconnected activities

1362. Rumour means :

A. Correct statements
B. Prescribed behaviour of people
C. Statements, assertions and speculations circulate among people in response to unstructured situation *
D. Specific behaviour and attitude

1363. Social Mobility means :

A. Specific conduct of behaviour of people
B. Formal attitude of people
C. The movement of people between positions that are on different social levels *
D. Modification of relationship

1364. Values means :

A. Specific behaviour of people
B. Conception of what a person , group or society considers desirable from sets of preferences *
C. Acquisition of social skills
D. Orderly change in socialisation process

1365. Variable means :

A. A set of scientific generalisation
B. A network of social positions
C. Any dimension of a social relationship that can take on differing values *
D. Selected means of achieving goals

1366. Status means :

A. Abstract concept of unity
B. The give and take between two persons
C. The development of relationship
D. A position, where a person stands in the group structure *

1367. The deliberate, systematic killing of entire people or nation is called :

A. Genocide
B. Atrocity
C. Massacre *
D. None of these

1368. Society and culture are interrelated in :

A. Human beings *
B. Animals
C. Birds
D. None of these

1369. Migrating from one place to another is the type of mobility called :

A. Horizontal mobility
B. Territorial mobility *
C. Vertical mobility
D. None of these

1370. The social mobility in which a person changes his profession is called :

A. Vertical mobility
B. Horizontal mobility *
C. Territorial mobility
D. None of these