1271. The process of introduction new elements into a culture through either discovery or invention is called :

A. Innovation *
B. Anomie
C. Apartheid
D. Alienation

1272. A voluntary association of citizens who attempt to influence public policy is called :

A. Peer group
B. Interest group *
C. Team group
D. None of these

1273. Changes in the social position of children relative to their parents is called :

A. Interactionist perspective
B. Intergenerational mobility *
C. Institutional discrimination
D. None of these

1274. Changes in a person’s social position within his or her adult life is called :

A. legal=rational authority
B. Intragenerational mobility *
C. Iron law of oligarchy
D. None of these

1275. A guideline of hierarchical life created by Robert Michels under which even just association will become organizations controlled by a couple of people is called :

A. Intragenerational mobility
B. Legal rational authority
C. Iron law of oligarchy *
D. None of these

1276. The early japanese immigrants to the united states is called :

A. Issei *
B. Fulka
C. Moris
D. None of these

1277. Max weber’s term for power made legitimate by law is called :

A. Liberation theology
B. Legal rational authority *
C. Achieved authority
D. None of these

1278. The political use of a church, particularly Roman Catholicism, to combat poverty, discrimination, and other forms of injustice in a secular society is known as:

A. Achieved authority
B. Legal rational authority
C. Liberation theology *
D. None of these

1279. The term coined by Max Weber to describe people’s opportunities to acquire material possessions, favorable living conditions, and rewarding experiences in life is:

A. Business chances
B. Real chances
C. Life chances *
D. None of them

1280. A sense of virility ,personal worth, and pride in one’s maleness is called :

A. Liberation theology
B. Luddites
C. Machismo *
D. None of these