351. Which of the following is NOT a function of education ?
A. completing socialization
B. social integration
C. research and development
D. procreation

352. _______ is a relatively permanent change in behaviour or capability that results from experience ?
A. Insight
B. Education
C. Learning
D. Manipulated cognition

353. The secularization thesis______________?
A. states that sacred considerations gain ascendancy over secular considerations
B. considerations trends toward modernization
C. is assumed to accompany the transformation of human societies from simple to complex forms
D. none of the above

354. Simple supernaturalism_______________?
A. is prevalent in industrial societies
B. entails the notion of mana
C. is centered upon the belief in powerful gods interested in human affairs
D. is illustrated by Buddhism

355. One purpose of education is to help students acquire the skills they need to be successful in society This is an example of a(n) ?
A. constructed reality
B. latent function
C. manifest function
D. entrenched function

356. Bourdieu attributed the reproduction of class to______________?
A. cults of the capital
B. capital culture
C. cultural capital
D. culpable capture

357. What is the process by which schools help to perpetuate social and economic inequalities across the generation called______________?
A. cultural reproduction
B. passive consumption
C. conceptual abstraction
D. formal communication

358. According to Illich which one of the following is NOT transmitted through the hidden curriculum ?
A. curiosity
B. passivity
C. conformity
D. hierarchy

359. In which of these regions is public education expenditure lowest?
A. Central Asia
B. North America and Western Europe
C. Latin America and the Caribbean
D. Arab States

360. What is an education system in which children achieve their status based on their own worth called ?
A. comprehensive
B. meritocratic
C. selective
D. elitist