1101. Shakespeare famously worth that ” All the world’s a stage ” Which of the following people would be the most likely to agree with him?

A. Harold Garfinkel
B. Carol Gilligan
C. Erving Goffman *
D. W.I. Thomas

1102. Which of the following does the Thomas Theorem posit?

A. Consequences make something real *
B. Reality is a performance
C. We want to manage people’s Impression of us.
D. Stigmas can spoil reality

1103. Max Weber’s term for the disciplined work,Ethic this worldly concerns, and rational calvin and his followers is called :

A. Protestant ethic *
B. Roman Ethic
C. Catholic Ethic
D. None of these

1104. Research that relies on what is seen in the statistical data is called :

A. Quantitative reserach
B. Qualitative research *
C. Random sample
D. None of these

1105. Which of the following would harold Garfinkel view as the best way to identif background assumptions ?

A. Take a course on ethnomethodology
B. Attend a play and then meet the actors backstage
C. Cheat on a test
D. Stand Backward in an elevator and see how people react *

1106. A wedding band is an example of a :

A. Status symbol *
B. Stigma
C. Stereotype
D. Master status

1107. A several Stigma can be a person’s :

A. Status set
B. Stereotype
C. Master status *
D. Halo effect

1108. John, a high school sophomore, occasionally drinks one beer .His friends dont care .His parents However ,are very upset and punish him severely .John responds by sneaking alcoholic beverages wherever he can John’s drinking illustrates.

A. Primary deviance
B. Secondary deviance *
C. Positive sanction
D. Outer Control

1109. A term used by Max weber to refer to a group of people who have a similar level of wealth and income is called :

A. Society
B. Class *
C. Role
D. None of these

1110. According to Karl Marx, a class’s subjective awareness of their shared vested interests and the need for collective political action to effect social change is referred to as:

A. Charismatic authority
B. Classical consciousness
C. Class consciousness *
D. None of these