401. The new racism refers to______________?
A. a subtler form of prejudice masked by nationalist pride
B. a post-modern deconstruction of racist ideas to reveal their lack of depth
C. racist practices found in newly emerging areas of social life such as cyberspace
D. an anti-fascist movement which challenges nationalist politics

402. Ethnic identity refers to_____________?
A. the objective categories of ethnicity used in the census
B. a felt sense of group membership on the basis of religion language or history
C. the imposition of a racial label on a minority by a powerful majority
D. the fragmented and pluralistic nature of ethnicity

403. Both the functionalist and conflict perspectives agree that ?
A. if ethnic stratification continues in a society conflict will decrease as people are socialized into the stratification system
B. ethnic stratification will persist as long as it is in the best interests of those in power
C. conflicts will be particularly likely and severe if class and ethnic cleavages coincide
D. none of the above

404. A split labor market ?
A. Underlies the development of ethnic tensions
B. results in more well-defined norms and roles
C. divides managerial and line workers
D. none of the above

405. Functionalists argue that even though ethnic conflict is dysfunctional it my still serve some important functions in society Which of the following is NOT one of those important functions ?
A. Conflict promotes group formation and cohesion
B. Conflict may function as a safety valve for society by enabling hostilities to be channelled toward permissible targets known as permissible targets known as scapegoats
C. A multiplicity of conflicts between large numbers of differing groups within a society may be conducive to a democratic as opposed to a totalitarian society
D. Conflict attributable to ethnic stratification problems may reach an unacceptable frequency and intensity

406. Institutional discrimination ?
A. does not include environmental racism
B. occurs because equality of opportunity causes equality of outcome
C. occurs in part when gatekeepers admit others like themselves to positions of privilege prestige and power
D. none of the above

407. Symbolic racism_____________?
A. can also be termed racial reconciliation
B. is the same as traditional racial prejudice
C. is a reflection of whites concern that further reductions in racial inequality will result in loss of the special status that whites in the United States have enjoyed over the years
D. has no impact on whites racial policy attitudes

408. How does racial and ethnic stratification differ from other forms of stratification ?
A. Racial and ethnic groups often have the potential for carving out their own independent nations from the existing state
B. Racial and ethnic stratification is harder to eliminate than are other forms of stratification
C. All other forms of stratification grow out of racial and ethnic stratification
D. All of the above

409. Ethnic groups_______________?
A. are groups identified on cultural grounds
B. are based solely on nationality
C. occupy a small territory
D. unlike racial groups are socially constructed

410. What is defined as the dispersal of an ethnic population from an original homeland into foreign areas often in a forced manner ?
A. migration
B. globalization
C. colonialism
D. diaspora