1061. A kinship system in which both sides of a person’s family are regaded as equally important is called :

A. Assimilation
B. Argot
C. Bilateral descent *
D. None of these

1062. Weber’s social research gives importance to ______.

A. Results
B. Methods
C. Rules
D. Value of freedom *

1063. ” Who claimed that social science could not be free of values?

A. Parson
B. Merton
C. Alfred Schutz *
D. Karl Pearson

1064. ” The author of Logic of Social Inquiry is:

A. Dumond
B. Desai
C. Gibson *
D. Weber

1065. A married .Couple and their unmarried children living together is called :

A. Monogamy family
B. Nuclear family *
C. Polygamy family
D. None of these

1066. The work of a group that regulates relations between various criminals enterprise involved in the smuggling and sales of drugs , Prostitution ,Gambling and other activities is called :

A. White crime
B. Street Crime
C. Organized crime *
D. None of these

1067. ____ defined the subject matter of sociology as social facts :

A. Krishnamurthy
B. Durkheim *
C. Merton
D. Parson

1068. Max Webber was born in _______ country:

A. France
B. Germany *
C. Spain
D. Italy

1069. Who wrote the book ” Fabian” socialism”:

A. Karl Marx
B. G.B. Shaw *
C. Benerji
D. Kothari

1070. The Interpretation of society through sex is advocated by :

A. Adolf Hitler
B. Alexandra
C. Sigmund Freud *
D. Simmel