1231. An organized positioning of whole gatherings that sustains inconsistent monetary rewards and power in a general public is called :

A. Stereotypes
B. Stigma
C. Stratification *
D. None of these

1232. The following subset of society is distinct from the rest of society in that it follows a distinct pattern of customs, folkways, and values:

A. Culture leg
B. Cohabitation
C. Denomination
D. Subculture *

1233. One important cause of migration of the people of one society to other has been :

A. Better chances of employment in the new country *
B. Better climate if the receiving country
C. Political unity of both the countries
D. Political unity of both the countries

1234. Which one of the following is not a major consideration for the migration of peoples of one country to the other ?

A. Economic Prosperity
B. Absence of political barriers
C. Physical conditions
D. Extent of available labour *

1235. A school of criminology that argues that criminal behavior is learned through social interactions is called :

A. Cultural relativism
B. Social Mobility
C. Cultural transmission *
D. None of these

1236. Ogbum’s term for a period of maladjustment culture is still adapting to new material conditions is called :

A. Cultural relativism
B. Culture lag *
C. Social Mobility
D. None of these

1237. Who of the following usually migrate in less numbers ?

A. Young females with families *
B. Young with unmarried families
C. Young unmarried males without females
D. Your married males with families

1238. According to Gist and Clark studies :

A. Intelligent migrate in less numbers than the others
B. Intelligent migrate in more numbers that the others *
C. Intelligent and others migrate in equal numbers
D. Intelligent has nothing to do with migration

1239. Unchecked migration is unwelcome, which one of the following is not an important cause for it ?

A. It is caused by economic depression
B. It is caused widespread unemployment
C. It is caused by an increase in poverty
D. It is caused by prevalent religious disharmony *

1240. Nationalism and population :

A. Have nothing in common
B. Have a strong connection to one another *
C. Are inversely proportional to each other
D. None of the above is true