1211. The feeling of suprise and disorientation that is experienced when people witness cultural practices different from their own is called :

A. Culture shock *
B. Culture lag
C. Social mobility
D. None of these

1212. The argument that industrialized nations continue to profit from the exploitation of developing nations is called:

A. Positivism theory
B. Classical theory
C. Dependency theory *
D. Modern theory

1213. What is Dyad ?

A. A three-member group
B. A two-member group *
C. One-member group
D. None of these

1214. A view of society as ruled by a small group of individuals who share a common set of political and economic interests is called :

A. Egalitarian model
B. Elite model *
C. Ethnic model
D. None of these

1215. The study of an entire social setting through extended systematic observation is called :

A. Anthropology
B. Sociology
C. Ethnography *
D. None of these

1216. The scientific study of the sociological and psychological aspects of aging and the problems of the aged is called :

A. Gerontology *
B. Anthropology
C. Epidemiology
D. None of these

1217. Overzealous conformity to official regulations within a bureacuracy is called :

A. Elite model
B. Contact Hypothesis
C. Goal displacement *
D. None of these

1218. A means of heath maintenance using therapies in which the heath care practitioner considers the person’s physical, mental , emotional, and spiritual characteristics is called :

A. Hawthrorne effect
B. Goal displacement
C. Holistic medicine *
D. None of these

1219. A construct or model that serves as a measuring rod against which specific cases can be evaluated is called :

A. Homophobia
B. Ideal type *
C. Horizontal mobility
D. None of these

1220. The variable in a causal relationship that when altered , causes or influences a change in a second variable is called :

A. Impression variable
B. Contact hypothesis
C. Independent variable *
D. None of these