531. A university that serves as a meeting ground for people seeking marital partners is performing______________?
A. a manifest function
B. a latent function
C. a dysfunction
D. a manifest dysfunction

532. Robert Merton’s contributions to sociology include____________________?
A. successfully combining theory and research
B. an analysis of deviant behavior that focuses on societal goals and means
C. an attempt to bring macro-and micro level analyses together
D. all of the above

533. In his study of suicide Emile Durkheim was primarily concerned with_______________?
A. suicide rates and how they varied from county to country
B. personalities of individual suicide victims
C. means people used to take their own lives
D. effects of suicide on the families of victims

534. Sociology can be considered a social science because________________?
A. its theories are logical explicit and supported by empirical evidence
B. sociologists collect data in a relatively objective and systematic way
C. ideas and research findings are scrutinized by other sociologists
D. all of the above

535. Society cannot be studied in the same way as the natural world because_____________?
A. human behavior is meaningful and varies between individuals and cultures
B. it is difficult for sociologists to gain access to a research laboratory
C. sociologists are not rational or critical enough in their approach
D. we cannot collect empirical data about social life

536. Social norms are_____________?
A. creative activities such as gardening cookery and craftwork
B. the symbolic representation of social groups in the mass media
C. religious beliefs about how the world ought to be
D. rules and expectation about interaction that regulate social life

537. Which of the following is not recognized as a level of society ?
A. the household
B. the office
C. the global village
D. the nation states

538. What is the name of the process by which we acquire a sense of identity and become members of society ?
A. rationalization
B. colonization
C. McDonaldization
D. socialization

539. Which of the following research methods uses existing records ?
A. survey research
B. naire research
C. archival research
D. observational research

540. Sociologists________________?
A. are exempt from the considerations of research ethics that govern biological researchers
B. have not been able to agree on a code of ethics
C. enjoy the same privileges as attorneys in protecting subject’s privacy
D. should obtain informed consent in cases where subjects may be exposed to risks of research that are greater than the risks of everyday life