711. The Most Prominent spokesmen of Functionalist Perspective are______________?
A. Talcott Parsons
B. Kingsley Davis
C. Robert Merton
D. All of above

712. Interventionist Perspective emphasizes that________________?
A. People interact mainly through symbols
B. People perceive the world mostly subjectively
C. All reality is not subjective
D. All of the above

713. The Interventionist Perspective was developed by________________?
A. Spencer
B. G.H Meads and C.H Cooley
C. Marx
D. None of these

714. Sociologists using Evolutionary Perspective look for________________?
A. Patterns of Change and development
B. Causes of social change
C. None of these
D. both of these

715. The earliest theoretical perspective in sociology______________?
A. Conflict Perspective
B. The Functionalist Perspective
C. The Evolutionary Perspective
D. None of these

716. All early sociologists emphasized that_____________?
A. sociology should follow scientific method
B. Sociology should be on personal theories
C. Sociology is not a science
D. None of these

717. Spencer presented the theory of_______________?
A. Social Evolution
B. Social Cohesion
C. Social Solidarity
D. None of these

718. In positive philosophy Comte noted that_____________?
A. Sociology should be based on speculation
B. On systematic observation and classification
C. On authority
D. None of these

719. The term “Sociology” was first coined by____________?
A. Karl Marx
B. Max Weber
C. August Comte
D. None of these

720. Characteristics of Scientific observation are____________?
A. Accuracy
B. Precision and objectivity
C. Systematic and recorded
D. All of the above