431. The term feminization of poverty refers to_____________?
A. the critical deconstruction of poverty by feminist theorists
B. women’s increased chances of being in poverty due to low pay and greater welfare dependency
C. the way in which managing a budget and avoiding poverty tends to be a women’s responsibility within the home
D. the disproportionate number of female sociologists who do research on poverty

432. The functionalist theory of inequality suggests that_____________?
A. high rewards and incentives ensure that the most skilled individuals will take the most important social positions
B. inequality is inevitable, and we are born into poverty or wealth
C. there are no social functions of inequality, so it should be eradicated
D. the idea of a meritocracy is a dangerous ideology

433. The absolute poverty line is drawn to show_____________?
A. the most extreme level of poverty that is found in a society
B. the estimated minimum level of income needed for subsistence
C. households that are poor relative to the norms and values of their culture
D. the areas of a city in which poverty is concentrated

434. Middle classes tend to be the main beneficiaries of social benefits and service aimed at poor This is called as____________?
A. Class factor
B. Mathew effect
C. Cultural Cause
D. None of these

435. According to World Bank in 2030 larger proportion of poor will be living in_____________?
A. Asia
B. Africa
C. South America
D. None of these

436. The standard food intake for an adult male is_____________?
A. 1000-1500 calories
B. 1500-2000
C. 2000-2500
D. None of these

437. The Bretton Woods institutions are______________?
A. The international Monetary Fund and the World Bank
B. The World Trade Organization and the World Bank
C. The International Monetary Fund and the World Health Organization
D. The United Nations and the World Trade Organization

438. Dependency theorists from low-income countries drew the ideas___________?
A. Walt Rostow
B. Karl Marx
C. Immanuel Wallerstein
D. Bretton Woods

439. Which of these does not include income earned by individuals or corporations outside a country ?
A. Gross National Product
B. Gross Domestic Product
C. Purchasing Power Parity
D. Gross National Income

440. Which of these constitute the three worlds of welfare capitalism ?
A. social democratic socialist communist
B. social democratic corporatist liberal
C. social democratic Christian-democratic nationalist
D. none of above