731. “Perspective “means____________?
A. A working set of assumptions
B. an approach
C. both a & b
D. None of these

732. Suicide by Durkheim was published in____________?
A. 1878
B. 1797
C. 1897
D. None of these

733. “Principles of Sociology” was written in 1876 by______________?
A. August Comte
B. Herbert Spencer
C. Max Weber
D. None of these

734. “Positive Philosophy the work of August Comte was published in______________?
A. 1938
B. 1838
C. 1883
D. All of above

735. Scientific method has following steps_______________?
A. observation solution theory
B. Problem observation hypothesis data experiment conclusion
C. Problem hypothesis observation conclusion
D. None of these

736. Science is based on_______________?
A. Mere observation
B. Individual experiences
C. Verifiable evidence
D. None of these

737. Which of the following is NOT an INGO ?
A. Greenpeace
B. International Telegraph Union
C. Amnesty International
D. The Red Cross

738. Which of the following positions is NOT associated with the hyper globalizers ?
A. citizens lose faith in existing systems of governance
B. globalization needs to happen much more quickly
C. individual countries no longer control their own economies
D. regional institutions are becoming as powerful as nation-states

739. Cultural relativism is the idea that societies have to be studied in terms of them ?
A. own meanings and values
B. family and kin relationships
C. artistic and literary production
D. religious and spiritual beliefs

740. What percentage of the Nepalese workforce is employed in agriculture ?
A. 28
B. 45
C. 63
D. 81