651. Which of the following does NOT occurs in Addison’s disease?
A. Hyponatraemia
B. Hyperkalaemia
C. Metabolic acidosis
D. Hypertension
E. Hypoglycemia

652. Amount of ionized calcium in human plasma is:
A. 1.00mmoi/L
B. 1.18mmollL
C. l.34mmolIL
D. 2.50mmo1/L
E. None of the above

653. Which of the following regarding calcium is FALSE?
A. Increased number of ionized calcium occurs with rising pH.
B. 60% of filtered calcium is reabsorped in proximal tubule.
C. 1,25 vitamin D acts to reduce intestinal calcium absorption in the intestine
D. high protein diet increases calcium absorption in the intestine
E. Hypocalcaemia in chronic renal failure is due to reduced formation of 1,25 vitamin D

654. Inorganic phosphate is reabsorped in kidney at:
A. proximal tubule
B. loop of hen Ie
C. distal tubule
D. collecting duct
E. Inorganic phosphate is not reabsorped.

655. Which hormone does NOT stimulate osteoblasts?
A. Corticosteroid
C. Thyroid hormone
D. 1,25 vitamin D
E. None of the above

656. Where is 1,25 vitamin D mainly formed in the body?
A. Skin
B. Liver
C. Proximal tubule of kidney
D. Distal tubule of Kidney
E. All of the above

657. Action of 1,25 vitamin D include:
A. Inhibits PTH
B. l’ intestinal calcium absorption via Ca/H ATPase
C. l’ Ca reabsorption in proximal & distal tubules
D. Increased Ca mobilization from bone
E. All of the above

658. Which of the following regarding PTH is FALSE?
A. is metabolized by hepatic kuffer cells into inactive fragments
B. circulating ionized Ca act directly on PTH gland to inhibit PTH release
C. hypermagnesemia stimulates PTH release
D. hyperphosphataemia stimulates PTH release
E. j3 adrenergic stimulation results in PTH release

659. Action of PTH does NOT include:
A. l’ Ca reabsorption from distal tubule
B. l’ P04 excretion
C. l’ bone resorption
D. direct l’Ca absorption from intestine
E. stimulates osteoclasts & osteoblasts

660. PTHrP is secreted in the following tumors:
A. breast carcinoma
B. renal cell carcinoma
C. ovarian carcinoma
D. skin cancer
E. all of the above

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