881. Normal pupillary reflex can be seen in lesions at:
A. Optic nerve
B. Optic chiasm
C. Optic tract
D. Occipital cortex
E. All of the above

882. Which of the following statements regarding superior colliculi is TRUE?
A. It is an integration center for various visual, auditory & sensory information.
B. It contains motor map which projects to the brainstem to control eye movements.
C. It controls reflex movements of head & neck.
D. It is one of the sites of highest blood flow in the brain.
E. All of the above.

883. Which of the following statement regarding reticular activating system is FALSE?
A. RAS is important for regulation of alertness & consciousness.
B. RAS is found in the anterior pontine region
C. RAS is the site of integration of various polysynaptic reflexes
D. RAS is responsible for regulation of heart rate, blood pressure & respiratory pattern.
E. RAS projects to cortex & thalamic nuclei.

884. Thalamus contain relay nuclei for:
A. Auditory information
B. Visual information
C. Somatosensory information
D. Postural & balance regulation
E. All of the above

885. EEG patterns can be affected by the following EXCEPT:
A. Changes in PaC02
B. Changes in temperature
C. Changes in Pa02
D. Glucocorticoid hormone
E. Changes in blood glucose levels

886. Which of the following sleep disorder is associated with REM sleep?
A. Nocturnal enuresis
B. Narcolepsy
C. Night tremors
D. Sleep walking
E. None of the above

887. Which of the following comments regarding lateral corticospinal tract is FALSE?
A. It contains 80% fiber of the corticospinal pathway.
B. It decussates at the level of medullary pyramids.
C. It innervates lateral nuclei in the anterior hom.
D. It controls axial muscle mainly & so is important for posture regulation
E. None ofthe above

888. Regarding corticospinal (corticobulbar) tract:
A. 30% of corticospinal (corticobulbar) tract is contributed by motor cortex.
B. 30% of corticospinal (corticobulbar) tract is contributed by premotor cortex.
C. 40% of corticospinal (corticobulbar) tract is contributed by somatosensory cortex.
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

889. Which of the following statement regarding the motor homoculus is FALSE?
A. Face is represented bilaterally on the motor cortex.
B. It is located at the post-central gyrus
C. Body parts that perform finely skilled movements have larger representation on the motor cortex.
D. The limbs are represented on the contralateral cortex
E. All of the above

890. Which ofthe following statements regarding lesions in the motor control pathways is INCORRECT?
A. In a right-handed subject, left motor cortical lesion lead to both left & right hand motor dysfunction.
B. In a right-handed subject, right motor cortical lesion leads to left hand motor dysfunction.
C. In small focal ischemic lesions in the motor cortex, adjacent undamaged areas may learn to take over the responsibility of the damaged areas, thus restoring motor function
D. Babinski sign is a localizing sing to anterior corticospinal tract lesion
E. All of the above

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