All these Physiology MCQs are specially framed to strengthen the conceptual understanding of different biology topics. Human Physiology MCQ with answers covers multiple concepts such as human digestion, nervous system, human reproduction, body fluids and circulation, breathing and exchange of gases, renal System, respiratory System, Git and Liver, endocrinology, locomotor and moment in human Sense Organs, Reflex Actions, Spinal Nerve, Physiology of Urine Formation, insulin physiology – and much more. All these topics are chosen from trusted and best reference books on physiology. These physiology MCQs with answers are also helpful for the preparation of various interviews, entrance examinations, other competitive examinations, and certifications for all Experienced, Freshers and Students. Also, check MCQs on Pharmacology here.

51. Cortisol______________?

A. Secretion increases following injury
B. Favours protein synthesis
C. Enhances antigen – antibody reactions
D. Tends to lower blood pressure

52. All are seen in Cushing ‘s syndrome except_______________?

A. Truncal obesity
B. Hypertension
C. Hypoglycemia
D. Poor wound healing

53. Which is false regarding insulin______________?

A. Secreted by beta cells
B. Glycopeptide
C. Causes lipogenesis
D. Promotes glycogenesis

54. Human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone ( HCG)______________?

A. Acts on the uterus to maintain integrity of endometrium in early pregnancy
B. Production is greatest in the last three months of pregnancy
C. Can be identified in the urine of pregnant women by immunological technique
D. Is a steroid hormone

55. Regarding myxedema the following are true except______________?

A. Swollen, oedematous look of the face
B. Impotency, amenorrhea
C. B.M.R increased by 30 -45%
D. Dullness, loss of memory

56. The catecholamines secreted by adrenal medulla______________?

A. Increases the blood glucose level by favoring glycogenolysis in blood and muscle cells
B. Decrease the level o free fatty acids and ketone bodies
C. Increase the splanchnic blood flow
D. Are under the control of parasy

57. In thyrotoxicosis , there is______________?

A. Decrease in calcium excretion
B. Increase in serum proteins which bind throxine
C. Potentiation of catecholamine action
D. Increase in calcium excretion

58. Progesterone production in the ovary is primarily by______________?

A. Stroma
B. Corpora albicans
C. Corpora lutea
D. Mature follicles

59. All the following hormones are secreted by adrenal cortex except_______________?

A. Estriol
B. Cortisol
C. Corticosterone
D. Aldosterone

60. Contraceptive action of combined pill is mainly due to_______________?

A. Decrease in tubal motility
B. Prevents the fertilization
C. Prevents the implantation of fertilized egg
D. Inhibits ovulation