441. In nerve , the magnitude of the action potential overshoot is normally a function of the______________?

A. Magnitude of the stimulus
B. Intracellular potassium concentration
C. extracellular sodium concentration
D. resting membrane potential

442. Axon hillock is part of the soma of neuron which________________?

A. Has dense Nissl grandules
B. Has no Nissl granules
C. Is at commencement of dendrites
D. Is round in shape

443. Blood brain barriers is absent in all of the following areas except__________________?

A. Subfornical region
B. Habenuclear trigone
C. Area posterma
D. Neurohypophysis

444. Epicrritic perception of pain occurs at the level of______________?

A. Thalamus
B. Area 3,1,2
C. Areas 5,7
D. Pulvinar

445. Intention tremor is a feature of _______________?

A. Loss of function of Thalamus
B. Loss of function of Hypothalamus
C. Loss of function of cerebellum
D. Loss of function of Basal ganglia

446. The most outer covering of nerve fibres is called as____________?

A. Neurolemma
B. Perineurium
C. Axolemma
D. Myelin sheath

447. Hunger centre of brain is________________?

A. Hypothalamus
B. Stria nigra
C. Frontal lobe
D. Temporal lobe

448. Pain is conducted by_______________?

A. A-alpha fibers
B. A-beta fibers
C. A-gamma fibers
D. A-delta fibers

449. Following are the changes during accommodation except_______________?

A. Constriction of pupil
B. Dilatation of pupil
C. Convergence of eye ball
D. Increase in the anterior curvature of lens

450. Stimulating mechanoreceptors or nociceptors in mouth triggers the_______________?

A. Jaw opening refleX
B. Jaw clenching reflex
C. Jaw gnashing reflex
D. None of the above


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