1301. Damage to visual association area results in :

A. Auditory receptive aphasia
B. Ruffini ending *
C. Merkel’s disk
D. Krause ending

1302. Which of the following characteristics of an axon is most dependent on its diameter ?

A. The magnitude of tis resting potential
B. The duration of tis refractory period
C. The conduction velocity of its action potential *
D. Teh activity of its sodium-potassium pump

1303. Inability to sense the vibration is most likely associated with the lesion of :

A. Dorsal column tract *
B. Fasciculus cuneatus
C. Fasciculus gracilis
D. Spinal leminiscus

1304. Which of the following structures in the vestibular apparatus is responsible for the detection of linea vision ?

A. Anterior semicircular canal
B. Posterior semicircular canal
C. Ampullae
D. Saccule *

1305. In the eyeball about fovea centralis are correct except :

A. It lies where the visual axis impinges one the retina
B. It is not crossed by any major blood vessel
C. It is the thickest part of the retina *
D. None of the above

1306. Taste adaption occurs :

A. Entirely at the receptor site
B. Entirely in the CNS
C. Both at receptor site and in the CNS *
D. None of the above

1307. The number of fast sodium channels in a neuron , are maximum at :

A. Dendrites
B. Soma
C. Axon Hillock *
D. None of the above

1308. Functions of limbic system are all except :

A. Olfaction
B. Gustation *
C. Feeding behaviour
D. Sexual behabiour

1309. Rapid eye movement (REM) in sleep is :

A. Characterised by delta waves in ECG
B. A sound and dreamless sleep
C. Characterised by total lack of muscular activity
D. Referred to as paradoxical sleep *

1310. Considering by the control of growth hormone secretion :

A. It is controlled by only growth hormone releasing hormone from hypthalamus
B. Secretion is decreased by fasting
C. IGF-1 has positive feedback effect on growth secretion
D. Growth hormone secretion is subject to dual control from hypothalamus