491. Minimum blood pressure is in_____________?

A. Aorta
B. Arteries
C. Capillaries
D. Venules

492. The largest function of the total peripheral resistance is due to _________________?

A. Venules
B. Arterioles
C. Capillaries
D. Precapillary sphincters

493. Cardiac output is a measure of______________?

A. Peripheral resistance X tissue fluid
B. Peripheral resistance X cardiac rate
C. Blood pressure X cardiac rate
D. Heart rate X blood volume

494. The ventricular repolarization in ECG is best seen in_______________?

A. “P” wave
B. “Q” wave
C. “R” wave
D. “T” wave

495. Parasympathetic stimulation of heart causes______________?

A. SA node decreases firing
B. Increased AV node excitability
C. Decreased ventricular contraction
D. Tachycardia

496. The dicrotic notch on the aortic pressure curve is caused by_________________?

A. Closure of the pulmonary valve
B. Rapid filling of the left ventricle
C. Closure of the aortic valve
D. Contraction of the atria

497. Closure of aortic valve occurs before the following event_______________?

A. Isovolumetric contraction
B. Isovolumetric relaxation
C. Pre-diastole
D. Pre-systole

498. Cardiac index is related to ______________?

A. cardiac output and body weight
B. Cardiac output and body surface area
C. Cardiac output and work of the heart
D. Stroke volume and pulse rate

499. Stimulation of barorceptor leads to ________________?

A. Increased blood pressure, increased heart rate
B. Decreased B.P , decreased heart rate
C. Increased B.P, decreased heart rate
D. Decreased B.P, increased heart rate

500. Consider the following statements________________?

A. Starling’s law of heart states that increase in force of contraction is directly related to cardiac ouput
B. Staling’s law of heart states that the force of ventricular contraction is directly related to the end diastolic volume
C. Both A and B
D. None of the above


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