371. Plasma thromboplastin antecedent is______________?

A. Anti-hemophiliac – A factor
B. Anti-hemophiliac – B factor
C. Anti-hemophiliac – C factor
D. Anti-hemophiliac – F factor

372. The principal site for granulocytic hemopoiesis in the adult human is________________?

A. The liver
B. The spleen
C. Red bone marrow
D. Yellow bone marrow

373. The universal blood recipient group is_________________?

A. O- Ve
B. O+ Ve
C. AB- Ve
D. AB+ Ve

374. The function of plasma cell______________?

B. Phagocytosis
C. Opsonization
D. Antibody formation

375. Lysis of RBCs are seen in all of the following except__________?

A. Thalassemia
B. Methotrexate therapy
C. Obstructive jaundice
D. Sickle cell anemia

376. Infants acquire adult hemoglobin level at_____________?

A. Birth
B. End of 1st year
C. Puberty
D. 4 years

377. CO2 is carried in the blood________________?

A. In combination with hemoglobin
B. In physical solution in plasma
C. In combination with plasma proteins
D. All of the above

378. Acute bacterial pyogenic infection manifests as_________________?

A. Leukopenia
B. Leukocytosis
C. Neutropenia
D. Lymphopenia

379. The normal A/G ratio in blood is______________?

A. 5:1
B. 2:1
C. 1:2
D. 1:1

380. The biological anticoagulant is________________?

B. Sodium citrate
C. Hirundine
D. Double oxalate mixture


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