911. Causes of conduction deafness include:
A. Destruction of auditory ossicles
B. Wax or foreign bodies in the external auditory canal
C. Ear drum thickening
D. Abnormal rigidity of stapes attached to the oval window
E. All of the above

912. Nerve deafuess can be due to:
A. Hair cell degeneration secondary to aminoglycosides
B. Prolonged noise exposure
C. Medullary vascular damage
D. Cerebropontine angle & CN8 tumor
E. All of the above

913. Which of the following statements regarding vestibular function is FALSE?
A. Macular discharge tonically in absence of movement because of gravity.
B. Impulses from macula & utricle allow reflex adjustment of head movement & posture.
C. Linear acceleration does not stimulate cristae in the semicircular canal
D. Nystagmus is not present in the blind
E. Nystagmus is a reflex that maintains visual fixation on stationary points as the body rotates

914. Which ofthe following statements regarding normal body temperature is TRUE?
A. Body temperature is lowest in the evening & highest in the morning.
B. Body temperature in children is on averageO.SoC lower than adult norms.
C. Rectal temperature is the most accurate estimation of core temperature
D. In increased metabolic state such as hyperthyroidism, temperature can increase by 3-4 C.
E. All of the above

915. Mechanism of increased heat production include:
A. Shivering
B. Hunger
C. Increased voluntary activity
D. Increased adrenaline/noradrenaline secretion
E. All of the above

916. Which of the following regarding temperature regulation is FALSE?
A. Transection of neural axis at midbrain level, thermoregulatory mechanisms remain intact.
B. Lesions in the anterior thalamus lead to increase of core temperature up to 43°C.
C. Lesions in the posterior thalamus lead to reduction of core temperature to below that of environmental temperature.
D. Temperature sensory cells in the hypothalamus senses temperature changes in the nasopharynx & inner ear.
E. All of the above 

917. Which of the following statement is TRUE?
A. Human can tolerate body temperature of2l-24°C without permanent sequelae.
B. Heat stroke occurs at temperature> 43°C
C. Malignant hyperthermia is due to excess muscle contraction during stress.
D. Rapid rewarming during hypothermia can result in cell damage due to ice crystal formation.
E. All of the above

918. Plasma volume in a 70kg man is

A. 3000ml

B. 3500 ml
C. 4000 ml
D. 4500 ml
E. 5000 ml

919. Plasma protein function include:
A. Transport of various hormones
B. Regulation of plasma osmotic pressure
C. Immune function
D. Clotting mechanisms
E. All of the above

920. Which of the following statements is FALSE?
A. Y globulins are manufactured in plasma cells.
B. 38-45% oftotal albumin is in the intravascular space.
C. Serum contains fibrinogen & clotting factors.
D. Albumin synthesis increases in fasting state.
E. Haptoglobin acts to bind & transport extracellular hemoglobin.

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