1051. Elasticity of cervical muscus is seen at the time of _____________.

A. Menstuation
B. Profliferative phase
C. Midcycle *
D. Secretory Phase

1052. Phagocytosis in CNS is by____.

A. Astrocytes
B. Microglia *
C. Schwann Cells
D. Oligodendrocytes

1053. Stereo anaesthesia is due to lesion at____________.

A. Nucleus gracilis
B. Nucleus cuneatus *
C. Spino reticular tract
D. Spinothalmaic tract

1054. Group fibers are ______________-.

A. Symphathetic preganglionic *
B. Parasympathetic postganglionic
C. Parasympathetic preganglionic
D. Parsympathetic pastganlionic

1055. Ventilation perfusion ratio is maximum in____________.

A. Apex of lung *
B. Base of Lung
C. Middle Lobe
D. Equal at all

1056. In hippo campus EEG waves are _____.

A. Alpha waves
B. Beta Waves
C. Theta Waves *
D. Delta Waves

1057. Lung diffusion capacity is measured with_____________.

A. O2
B. CO2
C. CO *
D. H2

1058. Thromboxane A2 is mainly produces by______________________.

A. Vascular endothelium
B. Platelets *
C. Mast Cells
D. Damaged tissue

1059. All the following types of hypoxia stimulates perpheral chemoreceptors except_________.

A. Anaemic
B. Histotoxic *
C. Stagnant
D. Hypoxic

1060. Adrenaline increases all of the following in heart except______________.

A. Automaticity
B. Conduction Velocity
C. Refractory Period *
D. Contractility

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